The story of Gebr. Holzapfel starts in Eschwege, where the merchant Georg Christoph Holzapfel had been operating a trading company that was already in its 6th generation. Johann Gustav, Eduard and Heinrich Holzapfel bought a steel-burr mill in Frieda at auction on the 15th August 1888. The manufacturing of oil cloths was expanded continuously in 1894. The first leather cloth was varnished on a novel priming machine. Ernst Holzapfel, as the sole owner, switched the primarily manual production to mechanical production in 1903. When Helmut Holzapfel joined the company, the business moved from Eschwege to Frieda. Father Helmut Holzapfel died in 1941, leaving his sons Ernst-Albert, Juergen and Helmut from his marriage to Anne-Lies Holzapfel. Mrs Holzapfel managed the company through the difficult war years and married Heinz Boesken in 1946 who focused on the development of modern plastics technology. Walter von Dressler, a friend of the family, developed the sales organisation in his role as Sales Director. Ernst-Albert Holzapfel managed the production when he joined the company in 1961 and took over the commercial management of the company. Juergen Holzapfel was appointed as Production Director and has been the Head of Development since 1969. Helmut Holzapfel, who was Head of Sales for former sister company Ernst Wehncke since 1970, started to manage the entire Leisure Department after Wehncke was integrated into the Holzapfel company group. After the integration of individual sister companies, friedola® company group is today a business with a wide product range. In 2004, Ernst-Albert Holzapfel retired from the business and handed the management torch to his daughter Désirée Derin-Holzapfel. friedola company group is now a business with an up-to-date product range and great market leadership due to some restructuring.