Innovation and tradition since 1888 -
a successful family business now
managed by the fifth generation. This success is no accident and we are
very proud of our achievements. Right from the start we have put the
customer and his requirements at the heart of our business. What are the
upcoming trends? Which colours are in fashion? What products are sought
after? Innovation instead of stagnation. Today we are the market leader in
many areas with perfect ranges for the production group home textiles,
leisure and technology. A market leadership which is still based on the
same fundamental concepts and ideals: Recognise trends, be up-to-date,
produce high quality products.

All of friedola® products are manufactured following strict environmental
guidelines. The same high quality standards are also applied when we
select the materials for our products. This gives you the assurance that
any product with the friedola® name is a product of “outstanding” quality.

Be surprised by the wide range of innovative products and solutions.

Friedola quality certificates

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